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GUITAR CLASSES with Paddy Anderson



I love helping others on their journey as musicians. Music is there to give us pleasure and learning an instrument should be enjoyable and inspiring.

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  • qualified teacher with over 20 years' experience teaching

  • classes for adult / teenage learners of all levels including complete beginner

  • an offer of classes in several genres including folk, rock and pop,

  • specialising in Flamenco and Latin guitar and all including basic guitar skills

  • I teach from my home, but can also offer classes in your own home and online

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Prices: 2023

Private class, 1 hour, £40

Group of 4 lessons over 4 weeks £130

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For flamenco focussed students there could be no better teacher….for the more generalist guitar student, Paddy can also be infinitely patient in having a go at everything from Frank Sinatra to Jimmy Hendrix via Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and miscellaneous 60s one hit wonders etc. In addition to the face to face and/or Zoom guitar tuition, Paddy provides an invaluable summary recording of each lesson for constant reference  between lessons and preparation for the next lesson. Oh, and Paddy is most personable and good fun….! Murdo Murray, 2021

Paddy has taught me a variety of different flamenco styles in our time together, each one carefully selected to reinforce a particular technique I have been struggling with. Lessons are tailored to my needs and learning speed, and above all else are thoroughly enjoyable and something I look forward to every time we meet. Sevan Houston, 2021

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