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A Flamenco Guitar Recital
The Musical Adventures of an Irishman in Andalusia


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A Flamenco Guitar Recital 

Musical Adventures of an Irishman in Andalusia

Paddy Anderson is one of the very few professional flamenco guitarists in Ireland and the UK. In this brand new show, he invites us to experience the full range of colours and emotions of the solo flamenco guitar.


From the joyful style of alegrías and the profound soleá to the fun and celebratory bulerias and the brooding tarantas, Paddy brings us on a heartfelt and humorous journey across the Mediterranean melting pot of Andalusia.

Stunning original compositions and classic pieces from the repertoire by flamenco guitar masters like Paco de Lucía and Sabicas combine beautifully with surprising and funny stories from Paddy's experiences of living in Spain and learning flamenco.

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Guitar Teaching

An experienced and qualified teacher with more than 20 years experience, I enjoy helping others in their journey as musicians. Music is there to give us pleasure and learning an instrument should be enjoyable and inspiring.


I teach adults of all levels in 1 to 1 and groups settings. 

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Paddy Anderson (b. 1975 Co. Down) is one of the very few full time professional flamenco guitarists in Ireland and the UK. He is well known in his native Ireland for his solo work, his role in Latin music duo Los Dramáticos, and his work with Flamenco Belfast. 


Largely self-taught, Paddy has been inspired by his experiences living in Spain. A love of flamenco music and Spanish language and culture in general brought Paddy to Granada, Andalucía in 2001, where he lived for a further four years immersing himself in the world of flamenco and flamenco guitar. This sparked an artistic journey which continues.


Paddy shares his time between Ireland and  Andalucia deepening his practice through performance, collaboration, teaching and recording.


Paddy is available for work as a performer, teacher and composer.



An understated gem of the 2020 festival – Los Dramaticos took us on a journey across South America in story and song and had a packed Black Box enraptured. One of the best-received shows of this year’s Out to Lunch.
Sean Kelly, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Los Dramáticos have captured the imagination with their infectious passion and global outlook, their entertaining musical approach and their incredible musicianship.
Linley Hamilton, BBC Radio Ulster

When I hear the very first strummings of Los Dramáticos, I’m immediately transported to another world, to a joyful world of warm, southern climes, a world of exhilaration, of life-giving energies. Their compelling musicianship, effortlessly fused in a masterful combination of flamenco guitar and 10-string charango, lingers long in the heart after the final notes are sounded. I always want more.     
​Neil Martin, composer

Don't miss these guys! With outstanding performances, their musical tour of Spain and Latin America brought the audience on a wonderful journey which lifted the soul and made the body tingle! Irresistible entertainment! 
Nuala McKeever, BBC Radio Ulster



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